Gay & Lesbian Filmfestivals

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Throughout the world there are filmfestivals with gay & lesbian themed movies and documentaries. Some of them began decades ago. Many of these are annual events so they are grouped in the month in which they starts.

When available, the dates of the most recent or upcoming festival will show here on the About Gay Movies website, along with information about how to contact each festival. Wherever possible we also provide links to festivals with active Web sites. Entry deadlines are usually one or two months prior to festival exhibition dates. Many festivals have entry fees or other requirements for submissions.

Film/videomakers should inquire about submission guidelines before sending unsolicited work, and should be aware of international shipping requirements when sending films and videos overseas.

While making these webpages all information was checked and found correct. The festivals themselves are responsible for any changes.

If you would like to add your filmfestival to this list, please with the details.

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