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Title Best men Year 1997
Director Tamra Davis Writer Art Edler Brown
Tracy Fraim
Country United States Language English
Cast Dean Cain, Andy Dick, Sean Patrick Flanery, Mitchell Whitfield, Luke Wilson, Drew Barrymore
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The film opens with 4 tuxedo clad men showing up at a penitentiary to meet a friend (Luke Wilson) who has just been released after three years in prison and is going straight from the jail to marry his girl friend (Drew Barrymore).

En route to the wedding, one of the men (Sean Patrick Flanery) asks to stop by a bank to pick up some cash. As it turns out, he is a wanted bank robber who uses Shakespeare passages during his robberies and thus has become known as "Hamlet".

Soon all five men are caught up in the bank and involved in the robbery as they end up in a hostage situation. The hostage negotiator (Fred Ward) shows up who turns out to be Hamlet's father. As the men are all known to those being robbed, this quirky comedy takes a left turn as their hostages all work to support the men.

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Dean Cain plays sergeant Buzz Thomas, an ex forces sergeant, that was made to leave because he is gay.

Dean Cain dedicated his performance to the memory of his uncle, Lt. Col. George Eynon "Buzz" Thomas, USAF and his family. Dean's character in the movie shares the same name as his uncle.

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This Is A Great Fill, Full With Humor, Shakespeare And Bad Luck. Loved The Film And You Can Always Watch It More Than Once...

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Jesse: So, how's Mary?
Teddy: Oh, she hates me.
Jesse: Maybe it's just a phase... her hating you.
Teddy: Uh, huh... Oh no, she's pretty much hated me since the day I got her pregnant.

Buzz: I'm a Green Beret, I love my country and I'm gay.

Jesse: I'm letting you go.
Hope: You're letting me go? What a man thing!

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Best men Best men Best men Best men Best men Best men Best men Best men Best men Best men Best men Best men Best men Best men Best men Best men Best men Best men Best men

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