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Title Deed Poll Year 2002
Director Jeffrey Arsenault
Jeremy Podeswa
Writer Jeremy Podeswa
Country United Kingdom Language English
Cast Andre Schneider, Orlando Bloom, Vicky Lambert, Mary B. Ward, Hampus Bjorck
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After Mr and Mrs Poll have found out about the incestuous relationship of their children, Ivy (Vicky Lambert) and Sean (Orlando Bloom), they die under mysterious circumstances.

The kids inherit a huge property outside London where they have prosperous times. Their only raisons d'ĂȘtre are sex, drugs, and poker.

Ivy hires two callboys for their orgies of lust and poker. One of them, the LSD-addicted Nathaniel Griffin (Andre Schneider), grants Ivy her greatest wish: a pack of cards, made out of human skin ...

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From an interview with Orlando Bloom & Andre Schneider:
David: "How about the homosexual aspects of the story?"
Andre: "The characters were all very well developed. It's a story about the freedom of spirit and the freedom of sexuality. There was a lot of grey in between black and white -- so the homosexual aspects were more bisexual, which I found really cool."
Orlando: "'Wilde' was a gay movie, my part was gay, I have a lot of gay mates, and Atti is a good kisser. That's all I have to say about this."

From the unofficial website:
"Deed Poll" took 34 days to shoot. For the entire period of filming, the actors and actresses had to face each other's nudity. "It was rather strange", recalls Bloom. "At the beginning, we were just sitting around like chicken, covering our privates up with our hands."

Swedish actor Hampus Bjork later told interviewers that "after a couple of days, Andre and Orlando started kissing each other frequently before every take to become more familiar and get rid of their tenseness. I thought that was a very good idea."

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I havent seen this movie yet. My personal opinion will be online as soon as I have seen it personally.

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Deed Poll

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