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Title The trip Year 2002
Director Miles Swain Writer Miles Swain
Country USA Language English
Cast Larry Sullivan, Steve Braun, Alexis Arquette, Sirena Irwin, Ray Baker, Jill St. John
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In 1973, Alan Oakley (Larry Sullivan), a 24 year old Republican journalist working for the Los Angeles Chronicle, has a promising future sure to make his military father proud.

At the other end of the spectrum, certain to strike shame into conservatives everywhere, is Tommy Ballenger (Steve Braun), a 19 year old Texas native relocated to California to form OUT LOUD, a gay civil rights group.

When a chance meeting brings these opposites together, the attraction is obvious to everyone except Alan, who is desperately trying to stick to the program. Stumbling all the way, the neurotic Alan falls in love and the two form a loving relationship.

During Anita Bryant's 1977 nationwide homophobic "Save Our Children" campaign, a jealous older lawyer, Peter Baxter (Ray Baker), orchestrates the publication of The Straight Truth, an anti-gay book Alan wrote before he met Tommy.

The book becomes a best seller, destroys Tommy's credibility and causes their break- up. Alan seeks solace in Peter's arms, not knowing Peter is responsible for his heartbreak.

By 1984, Alan has settled for a life with Peter, though Tommy is never far from his thoughts. When word arrives that Tommy wishes to see Alan, Alan's fey friend Michael (Alexis Arquette), ex-girlfriend Beverly (Sirena Irwin), and understanding but kleptomaniac mother Mary (Jill St. John) persuade him to go after his true love.

Reunited in Mexico, Alan and Tommy take the road trip Tommy always wanted but a series of unfortunate incidents have them running from the law.

While racing towards Tommy's parents in Texas, Alan and Tommy must make up for lost years with the Federales hot on their tail. On this redemption journey, Alan finds the strength to finally be himself.

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An epic gay romance! In the socially turbulent 70s, Tommy, a gay activist, meets sexually and politically repressed Alan. Surprisingly, the two begin a steamy romance.

When Tommy finds out Alan has published an anti-gay book, he leaves him in disgust. But in the 80s, they meet again, and their life-long romance comes full circle.

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Beverly: So, Alan tells me you're a homosexual.
Tommy: Only because there was nothing good on television.
Beverly: Well, I just find it so intriguing.
Tommy: Not always, Liberace for example.
Beverly: Liberace is a homosexual?
Tommy: Sadly, yes.

Tommy: So what do you two have planned on the menu, a menage-a-trois?
Beverly: Oh, no. Alan hates French food.

Peter: Could you be any more of an alcoholic?
Mary: I'll give it a shot, but I'm not making any promises.

Peter: I respect all of Alan's interests, I just don't like having them shoved down my throat.

Mary: That's the first time I've heard you complain about my son shoving anything down your throat.
Peter: I'm not quite sure how to take that.
Mary: Said the Bishop to the altar boy.

Tommy: Did you take the little bus to school?

Tommy: So what made you want to become a writer?
Alan: It's always been my dream since a child. When did you first realize you were gay?
Tommy: It's always been my dream since a child.

Tommy: [To a reporter] I'd like to make a deal with the Anita Bryant people. You stop telling lies about us and we'll stop telling the truth about you.

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The trip The trip The trip The trip The trip The trip The trip The trip The trip The trip The trip The trip

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