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Here you find loads of info and pictures about gay themed movies & tv-series. And everything else that is relevant. All this and even more titles, pictures, wallpapers, etc., can be seen on the About Gay Movies CD. Now with 20% off for only $ 19,95. A GREAT GIFT FOR THE HOLIDAYS! Click here to order now!

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During the month of December 2003 there are two sweepstakes. You can win a make-over make-up kit worth more than $ 150,- in honour of the movie "Girls will be girls" in the "Girls will be girls sweepstake". And you can win a DVD of the movie Wave babes in the Wave babes sweepstake. Send your entry now you never know!

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A list of all the movies & tv-series on this website. Every page contains information, synopsis, quotes, pictures, links and more about a movie or a TV-serie that has a gay theme or gay characters. Click here

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A list of persons (actors and actresses) that have played in a movie or tv-serie with a gay theme or as a gay character. Every page contains personal info, biography, trivia, filmography and pictures. Click here

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A list of filmfestivals throughout the world with gay & lesbian themed movies and documentaries. Click here

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In a hundred years of movies, homosexuality has only rarely been depicted on the screen. Click here

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The trip The trip
An epic gay romance! In the socially turbulent 70s, Tommy, a gay activist, meets sexually and politically repressed Alan. Surprisingly, the two begin a steamy romance. When Tommy finds out Alan has published an anti-gay book, he leaves him in disgust. But in the 80s, they meet again, and their life-long romance comes full circle. Read more
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